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Cavia Bella

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Welcome to Cavia Bella!

We will be keeping only a very small number of our American Broken Colors - all others are for sale at this time.

Cavia Bella is a small caviary located in Northern California.  We specialize in American Satins in Self and Americans in Broken Color.
The folks running Cavia Bella are proud members of 4-H!
Grand Champion Cavia Bella's Bacchus
Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?

We support 4-H!!  4-H discount of 20% on all sale animals.
4-H is a youth development program sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service, a program of the United States Department of Agriculture.  4-H helps our young people to learn proper animal husbandry, along with other arts - photography, textile arts, computers, etc.  4-Hers show at county and state fairs, and 4-H groups are everywhere.  4-H and related programs are operating in over 80 countries.  Check out  for information about 4-H in your area. It's a great opportunity for all kids to get back to understanding nature, learn about where our food actually comes from (not the supermarket!), learn responsibility, and it's especially great for city kids, as they are often able to raise their own livestock on 4-H ranches, without having to live on a farm.  Check it out for your kids!



You can contact me for anything related to my website or animals for sale at!

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