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Cavies in Breeding at Cavia Bella

Cream / White Selfs
Castle Rock's Claire (PEW) to Mann Made's Angel (Buff), due around 6/15.  All dark-eyed creams expected. 
Oswald's Papaya (Saffron) to La Creme Blanche's Lancelot (Satin PEW).  All pink-eyed creams expected.
Hunt's Whisper (Silver Solid) to Calvacade's Darth Vader (Black)
Crystal Vision's Corina (Blue Roan) to Argle's Dionysus (Black)
Crystal Vision's Xtra (Blue Roan) to Argle's Dionysus (Black)
Cavia Bella's Cassandra (Golden Solid) to Argle's Dionysus (Black)
Corona's Athena (Golden Solid Satin) to Argle's Dionysus (Black)
Hunt's Strawberry Wine (Strawberry Roan) to Clifford (Red)
Mango (Dilute Agouti - Choc/Red) to Clifford (Red), due this week!!
MacBeth (Golden Agouti) to Clifford (Red)
Oswald's Cookie (Dilute Agouti) to Mocha (Dilute Solid)
Oswald's Guava (Dilute Agouti) to Cavia Bella's Mr. Goodbar (Chocolate)
Any Other Marked
Broken Colors in Breeding:
Short Stack's Cinnamon (DA, Red, White) to Cavia Bella's Caravelle (Chocolate). 
Dalmations in Breeding:
PLC's Vanilla Bean (Black Dal) to PLC's Joker (Black Dal)
Maisie (Lilac Broken) to PLC's Joker (Black Dal)
Please contact me if you have an interest in getting on the waiting list for any babies from these litters.

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